About Us

Who We Are

Welcome to Litchin! We are a young company specialized in people’s underclothes. At Litchin, we firmly believe all of us should be free to be comfortable and confident, and free to be yourselves. That’s why we developed “ Tagless Underclothes” which could perfectly fit the shape of your figure, feel comfortable in your skin, feels so unlike anything you’ve worn before.


Our Mission

We have only one mission that is to make you feel more comfortable in your own skin, feels so unlike anything you’ve worn before with our patented technology, premium fabrics and innovative designs.


What Makes Us Special

- Traditional Craftsmanship

At Litchin, we do not outsource our products. We embrace the spirit of the traditional craftsman who likes the feel of making products with their own hands. We firmly believe that is the only way we will make the best and most unique products. Therefore, all of our products were sewn by our own trusted workers in our own factory. We see through all the production processes from shipping, weaving to dying to make sure they are environmentally friendly. It's our responsibility to protect our environment and consistently produce products of the highest quality.

- Never Satisfied

We make every effort to improve our product by doing the best in fabric selecting, designing and manufacturing. If it is not the best, it is nothing. And there is always room for improvement. We listen carefully to voices from our customers and make changes accordingly. Launching a product is only the beginning, it will make its way to perfection with the help of our critical customers who recognize and prioritize quality and are always questioners. We strive to create amazing products that are perfect in their eyes.

- High Quality With A Fair Price

We are brave enough to be creative but we do not follow the trend. We do not want to lead the trend but we want to be classic. For that reason, we do not produce a "new" series every season. Instead, we spend time perfecting them before they are launched. We keep our money on marketing minimum and you may find our products on the Internet only. All this results in high-quality products at a fair price. Our marketing strategy is words of mouth. What our customers paying for is our products, not the advertisement.